Thank You

I am especially grateful to the following people who have helped with the establishment of the library.

EAMC President, Terry Andrus, and the Vice Presidents - for providing the physical space in the Cancer Center, and for the computers.

Ariccia - John Hamme and Hans Van der Reijden - for providing us with an excellent opportunity for fund-raising through the Auburn Chef Series.

My husband, Frank Jordan, for his support and encouragement and for being so good at the fund-raiser that he was named Auburn Chef of the Year two years in a row!

My parents, Joe and June Spooner, and Cindi's widower, Joe Hankes, for their support and participation.

Danny Tankersly, Lisa's widower, for his support and the creation of "Lisa's Corner" to provide children's books for the library.

The EAMC Cancer Center Staff, especially Colleen Alsobrook, Chelsea Kroll, Trevis Hawkins, and Regina Halpin, for their help in organizing the library and ordering books, brochures, wall mounts, etc.

EAMC Foundation, Susan Lee - for handling the accounting and assisting in the find-raising and for printing the book labels.

Picture Perfect, photography by Candace Avera, for the photos used in the brochure and on the web-site.

Shannon Hankes, for creating the brochure.

Thomas Cook and Virticle, for creating, hosting, and maintaining this web-site.

Bob Thompson, for organizing and typing the list of web-site links and phone numbers for information by Cancer type.

Ty Howell, UAB Cancer Library, for her support and willingness to share information.

Barry Dorman, Auburn Furniture, for the lamps in the library.

And, thank you to all of you who have volunteered your time to work in the library, and/or have provided donations.